Natural hairstyles for curly hair

If you have decided to leave your curly hair natural, that is, you do not want straightened or complicated hairstyles, then in this article you will find ideas of styles that you can try. We also recommend some specific care routines for this type of hair, so you get the most out of your hair

Curls to the wind

The key to curls with movement is hydration. When the hair is dry, it has a tendency to shrink and wrap around itself (becoming a nightmare when it comes to unraveling). But you can avoid this if you adopt a good hydration routine.

Prepare the hair: Take advantage of the power of nature to help take care of those curls. We love the range of care of Mythic Oil of L'Oréal Professionnel, formulated with natural ingredients, such as argan oil and myrrh, known for their moisturizing and softening properties. Apply a detangler oil to comb the hair, always with a comb with thick and separate teeth.

How to comb it: Once unraveled, apply a curling perfection gel on top and ends. Use a diffuser to dry your hair, but remember that you always have to leave 10% of the hair wet to be naturally nurtured. Dry your hair in sections and perfect the curls with your hands.

Afro style

An Afro and voluminous style is a natural look that is very fashionable, but not always easy to achieve. Once you have the right length of hair, you will have to perfect the technique to find the body that requires this look. But do not worry, everything lies in the right styling products and the right tools.

Prepare the hair: You will have to let your hair grow if you have it too short, to get the afro. Either way, you can start practicing the technique to get the form. Use diluted essential oils to keep hair soft, and do not forget to sleep with silk pillows or cover the hair in a silk handkerchief, to keep the curls in optimal condition.

How to comb it:  When you have the indicated length (minimum by the shoulders) and you have visited your stylist to perfect the cut, it is time to start with the hairstyle. Separate the hair into at least 10 sections and use a separate tooth comb to comb the ends. Apply a moisturizing serum on the media and braid or twist the strands on themselves. Leave them for 30 minutes and then separate them with your fingers. Finish perfecting with the comb if you think it necessary and apply a little fixative spray.

Braids: boxer braids

The braids boxer is a way of achieving neatly combed hair without having to resort to any heat tool.

Prepares the hair: Boxer braids or boxer braids, although they do not seem so, require a certain preparation, do not forget that the hair will be braided for a long period. Treat it with moisturizing masks during the previous days, but be sure to remove all residues from the scalp or it may irritate afterward.

How to make them: These braids can be obtained at home, but we still recommend that you visit your salon to be professional. They will do them a lot (much but a lot) faster than it will take you to do them yourself, and the result will be more professional.

Recommendations to keep your hair healthy

Yes: Use a weekly mask to keep your curls hydrated.

No: Use thermal tools every day to generate the curls

Yes: Cut off the tips regularly and redefine the shape of your cut from your stylist's hand.

No: You have to clean your hair at home. This can severely damage your hair fiber, so it is important to always go to a professional colorist.

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