Wear perfect teeth like the famous ones with dental veneers

The smile is the letter of presentation of the people and an important point to reinforce the self-esteem. However, bad hygiene habits,  poor diet, and genetics do not provide a perfect smile for everyone, but this still has a solution. Have you ever imagined having the smile of your favorite actress? This can be achieved.

Currently, there are various aesthetic dental methods to show off a  beautiful smile like our movie stars. Today we explain everything you need to know about dental veneers. Kubitz Loayza, periodontist and medical director of the Eurodent Clinic explains that ceramic dental veneers offer a natural appearance. of high strength and durability.


According to Loayza, there are two types of dental veneers. One is a process of treatment can last one hour, this with the CAD / CAM system , which allows the design and elaboration of dental pieces by computer through a digital three-dimensional scanner of the mouth, where the patient participates actively in the process to choose the size, shape, and color, giving it a longer duration in the restoration of the tooth that serves as support, achieving in turn results according to the aesthetic needs of each patient.

While in the traditional process the placement of veneers can be done in a period of 3 appointments more. The restoration of a tooth in a single appointment is the most common. The color will depend on the natural tone of the original teeth.

Types of veneers

There are 2 types: composite and porcelain.

1. Composite. Made with acrylic resin with ceramic. This gives it a high resistance. They are placed directly on the tooth. The dentist molds the desired shape and size. Then it hardens using ultraviolet light. It does not take much previous preparation, but the filing of the dental enamel. They are cheaper than porcelain and are easy to repair in case of fracture. It lasts from 5 to 10 years and its color varies with time.

2. Porcelain It is a glass ceramic. It has a very close appearance to the tooth enamel itself. Its processing is slower since it requires measurements of the teeth. A custom design is made to put the adhesive at the end. With good care, it can last between 10 and 15 years. It does not usually vary in color over time. It has a higher cost than ceramic. In the case of breakage, there is no possibility of repair, but it will be necessary to replace the veneer.

For Miguel Cabanillas, a specialist in prostheses and implants of the Latin American Institute of Research and Dental Ensino (ILAPEO) of Brazil, he explains that the care of the veneers implies:

1. Avoid, as far as possible, drinks and meals with coloring especially if their veneers are composite.

2. Avoid smoking.

3. Avoid hard or even sticky foods because the veneers may peel or break.

4. Do not use your teeth as a tool. Some people use their teeth to open bottle caps, this should be avoided outright.

5. Use of mouth guards in the event of a contact sport such as football, basketball, rugby, boxing, among others.

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