The 5 coolest ways to wear a pink lipstick

The pink lipstick is declared as the tone of the season and these are the top ways to wear it. Take a risk with your favorite!

All parades and trends in social networks point to the pink lipstick is a must for spring-summer 2019 but take a form striking and unique, can represent a whole challenge!

That is why we have immersed ourselves in the search for the best summery looks to show off (and that you do not have to invest too much time in it) and this is what we found. You are welcome!

1. Color combo

It's about playing with the shadows to achieve a mix on point with the pink of the lips. What colors are the best? The shades that go well are orange, yellow, purple and blue, plus you can level up the beauty look with contrasting enamel.

2. Double tone

Simply paint the lower lip of lipstick pink and top, a colored similar in the wheel color, such as red, the vermilion or coral. To apply the product in the mouth, it is best to do it with a small brush, to obtain a clean and defined edge.

3. Monochromatic

All you have to do is apply the base and begin to color eyes, cheeks, and lips in one color: pink. Here the important thing is that you have fun with the textures to get a unique style, as in the next photo that boasts a dewy skin, semi-mat cheeks and eyes, and lips in pink glossy.

4. Lips bit

You will be fascinated by the result, it makes your mouth more kissable, attractive and with a touch of color without intention. The star product that you can use to recreate this look is the inks since they can be easily blurred leaving a very natural finish.

5. Makeup no makeup

If you're not used to wearing a lot of color on your face, this is your alternative! The heart of the look will be intense lips of pink, accompanied with skin improved to 100% with base, color correction, and soft lighting to show off a French as naturel.

This is the outline that makes your eyes bigger (effortless)

There is a way in which you can make eyes much bigger with a secret, very easy! Why, even if we know, the eyes are the window to the soul, we want everyone to notice the depth of them!

How to make your eyes look bigger? With a delineated on the inside of the eye in nude color (yes, you read well). This tone of the offender is unusual, but it is highly functional. Its main feature is that it helps to whiten the eye and give an amplitude effect, so it looks much bigger.

This delineated nude has been used by celebrities in red carpets, hogging all eyes in the eye area. Margot Robbie is a great example of how this delineated makes your eyes look more size!

Also, Elizabeth Olsen has joined this trend and it seems that sons eyes are a whole wrist.

The best? It looks just as perfect with light-haired women like brunettes. If you do not believe us, see what this beauty trick looks like in Lilly Collins.

Now that you know it, it's time to apply this great beauty secret and start conquering your crush with looks.


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