Makeup tips to see you 10 years younger

Is it possible to look 10 years younger with makeup? The answer is yes and here we tell you the tips you need to get it.

If you are one of those who are always looking for new beauty tricks to look younger, you have come to the right place! Right now we list the best makeup tips to see you with 10 years less, ranging from the preparation of the skin to the fixing of the products. Take note!

1. Do not forget the first

The pre based is a must when you want to show off your makeup with young skin, since they hide the pores, smooth the complexion and improve the appearance instantly. You should only choose a moisturizing product if your skin is dry, or a satisfying one if your complexion is oily.

2. Light base

It is infallible that you opt for a soft (but covering) base, that only helps you to unify the facial tone. We recommend using cc creams because they provide high coverage and are formulated with an anti-aging treatment.

TIP G: Combine your base with a booster that provides brightness, to enhance the natural shine of the complexion and boast a glow from the inside, all day!

3. Beware of the concealer

Yes, it is essential to place it to cover the spots that make us look older, but the key to success with it is in the presentation and application tools! Look for concealers -preferably in cream- that provide hydration and then place them in the areas you want to correct or illuminate. Finally, blot with a sponge so that the faded finish does not add age.

4. Goodbye to smokey eyes

The smoky eyes in intense colors (and even the looks with shimmer) are not a good choice to rejuvenate the face, on the contrary! Ideally, replace dark pigments with neutral shades without much saturation, and lean on tiny dots of light in the brow bone to raise your gaze.

5. Renew your outline

Looking 10 years younger requires some tricks in your outline. The principal is to let go of the cat eye dramatic and you elaborate one eyeliner of crescent. This goes on the entire line of the eyelashes and is the perfect combo if you combine it with an inner liner in nude color since it enlarges the eyes. Less is more!

6. Frame eyebrows and eyelashes

The lack of hair in eyebrows and eyelashes is an aspect that reveals age. This is because, with the passing years, the hair follicles are losing strength and end up causing them to fall, you already did you know? For this reason, it is important to define the eyebrows naturally with a gel or ointment, and apply a good volumizing mascara, always!

7. Balm + lipstick cream, your best choice!

Achieving soft and plump lips are one of the biggest secrets to remove a couple of years. To achieve this, it is enough to slip one lip balm, define the contour of the mouth and paint the inside with lipstick in cream. You can also use products with filler effects such as glosses plumper, which increases the volume and smoothes the lines.

8. Bye bye, compact powder!

The compact powder is a cosmetic that often accentuates the wrinkles on the face and makes the skin look tight, which is a powerful enemy for your age. Avoid it at all costs and replace the compact products with the loose ones and use them to seal your cream makeup. The result? A less heavy and more jovial finish.


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