Clean your face without making garbage! Make up ecologically

If you are worried about the impact you make on the environment, you should also worry about how you get rid of makeup

There is no doubt that one of the things that must be a priority in your day to day life is how your actions impact the environment. And you have to look at routine things like what you do at work or home, but also in small details, including your beauty routine. Have you thought about everything you use, for example, when it comes to makeup removal? You use chemicals, cotton, cotton swabs and produce so much garbage every day, that at the end of the month is something considerable, and that you could avoid, or at least decrease.

If you wish not to produce so much garbage, we give you some tips so that you can achieve it!


The cotton swabs that have their plastic face contaminate a lot, and they are not commonly talked about, but they have the same impact as the straws: you use less than a minute and end up in the trash. And while you use them to clean your ears, makeup residues do not have a preponderance in your routine, beyond removing minimal imperfections. If you can, do not use them, but if they are essential, opt for wooden ones, so that it is easier to handle once you have discarded them.


Some make-up removers can contain chemicals that pollute the water a lot when you remove makeup and wash your face at night. For that reason, better opt for creams or gel so that you simply remove them with a towel and that's it. If you wear makeup that is difficult to remove, opt for natural ingredients, such as coconut oil (and only a few amounts, so that your skin is not so greasy ).


We are in the XXI Century, and modernity has turned in favor of the environment, with the creation of make-up removing towels. These cloth towels promise to remove make-up, and not only what you wear on the face, but also everything waterproof (mask, indelible lipsticks, etc.). This way, you do not use cotton and you do not produce garbage. You can find these products in many self-service stores and on the Internet. There are no excuses!


Disposable wipes also turn into garbage quickly. They are a fast and incredible way of removing make-up, but try not to be your daily method, or at least try to responsibly buy some that are biodegradable.


To remove your makeup, it does not take great science. You can make your cotton balls with cloth, and then wash them after each use, so you do not produce so much garbage either. If you are too lazy to make your cotton pads (it's worth), yes, you can also get them on the Internet. So that everything is hygienic, wash the wipes with neutral soap after each use, and then wash them perfectly when you consider it necessary.


If you have decided to use your usual desma, Squillante, do not use so much. Unless you've gone to a gala worthy of using all your makeup arsenal, removing your daily makeup should not take more than a few milliliters of the product. This is important because when you finish it, it's a plastic bottle in the trash. Let's try to make you last much longer.


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