Natural hairstyles for curly hair

If you have decided to leave your curly hair natural, that is, you do not want straightened or complicated hairstyles, then in this article you will find ideas of styles that you can try. We also recommend some specific care routines for this type of hair, so you get the most out of your hair

Curls to the wind

The key to curls with movement is hydration. When the hair is dry, it has a tendency to shrink and wrap around itself (becoming a nightmare when it comes to unraveling). But you can avoid this if you adopt a good hydration routine.

Prepare the hair: Take advantage of the power of nature to help take care of those curls. We love the range of care of Mythic Oil of L'Oréal Professionnel, formulated with natural ingredients, such as argan oil and myrrh, known for their moisturizing and softening properties. Apply a detangler oil to comb the hair, always with a comb with thick and separate teeth.

How to comb it: Once unraveled, apply a curling perfection gel on top and ends. Use a diffuser to dry your hair, but remember that you always have to leave 10% of the hair wet to be naturally nurtured. Dry your hair in sections and perfect the curls with your hands.

Afro style

An Afro and voluminous style is a natural look that is very fashionable, but not always easy to achieve. Once you have the right length of hair, you will have to perfect the technique to find the body that requires this look. But do not worry, everything lies in the right styling products and the right tools.

Prepare the hair: You will have to let your hair grow if you have it too short, to get the afro. Either way, you can start practicing the technique to get the form. Use diluted essential oils to keep hair soft, and do not forget to sleep with silk pillows or cover the hair in a silk handkerchief, to keep the curls in optimal condition.

How to comb it:  When you have the indicated length (minimum by the shoulders) and you have visited your stylist to perfect the cut, it is time to start with the hairstyle. Separate the hair into at least 10 sections and use a separate tooth comb to comb the ends. Apply a moisturizing serum on the media and braid or twist the strands on themselves. Leave them for 30 minutes and then separate them with your fingers. Finish perfecting with the comb if you think it necessary and apply a little fixative spray.

Braids: boxer braids

The braids boxer is a way of achieving neatly combed hair without having to resort to any heat tool.

Prepares the hair: Boxer braids or boxer braids, although they do not seem so, require a certain preparation, do not forget that the hair will be braided for a long period. Treat it with moisturizing masks during the previous days, but be sure to remove all residues from the scalp or it may irritate afterward.

How to make them: These braids can be obtained at home, but we still recommend that you visit your salon to be professional. They will do them a lot (much but a lot) faster than it will take you to do them yourself, and the result will be more professional.

Recommendations to keep your hair healthy

Yes: Use a weekly mask to keep your curls hydrated.

No: Use thermal tools every day to generate the curls

Yes: Cut off the tips regularly and redefine the shape of your cut from your stylist's hand.

No: You have to clean your hair at home. This can severely damage your hair fiber, so it is important to always go to a professional colorist.

10 makeup tips for girls with black hair

Do you have black hair? Take note of these 10 makeup tips that will help you look at this sexy color.


A classic red lipstick looks amazing with black hair. Do not be afraid to use this makeup, just take care that your lips are well outlined.


It is worth carrying the smoked effect in your eyes as long as there is a balance. Highlight the look or the lips. Never all at once!


Think of Kendall Jenner's skin: her makeup is never loaded, but her skin always looks radiant! Inspire yourself in your style and dare to use a little illuminator.


If you have black hair, look for your eyebrows to approach that tone with the help of makeup. Of course, do not miss your hand! Go little by little until you achieve a natural effect.

Makeup that will make you look thinner on the face


The best eye shadows for black hair are those in copper tones. Do not hesitate to incorporate them in your next look!


So that you do not end up accentuating the dark tones under your eyes, take care that your concealer is very subtle: just a lighter tone.


Black hair can make you feel like your skin is pale. Solve it with a touch of bronzer. Remember to apply it on the outer edges of your face to sharpen your features.

Suki Waterhouse reveals its beauty basics


The pink tones look amazing with black hair. Turn them into your infallible allies! Get away from the peaches and oranges, they could turn off your skin.


In addition to creating a super feminine make-up, a pink lipstick naturally highlights the black hair. Experiment with different shades!

Wavy eyebrows: the riskiest trend in networks

Since Cara Delevingne became a top model, eyebrows regained strength in the world of beauty.

If before the trend was thin and discreet carry, for some years the trends beauty bet on thick eyebrows And very striking!

What is the latest trend to frame the eyes? The eyebrows are wavy!

What are wavy eyebrows?

They are a beauty trend that is gaining more and more popularity in social networks, especially on Instagram with the hashtag '#wavyeybrows', and consists of drawing the eyebrows in the form of waves.

he waves shape covers the entire silhouette of the eyebrows, from birth to the outside.

How to achieve wavy eyebrows? If you want to follow this daring trend, the first thing you will need is for an expert to shave your eyebrows a little, especially in the areas where they are straighter, so that it is easier to comb them in an undulating way.

Finally, comb your eyebrows from the inside out, fill with the pencil eyeliner the spaces that remain without hair and apply a special gel on this part of the face to achieve a lasting effect.


Clean your face without making garbage! Make up ecologically

If you are worried about the impact you make on the environment, you should also worry about how you get rid of makeup

There is no doubt that one of the things that must be a priority in your day to day life is how your actions impact the environment. And you have to look at routine things like what you do at work or home, but also in small details, including your beauty routine. Have you thought about everything you use, for example, when it comes to makeup removal? You use chemicals, cotton, cotton swabs and produce so much garbage every day, that at the end of the month is something considerable, and that you could avoid, or at least decrease.

If you wish not to produce so much garbage, we give you some tips so that you can achieve it!


The cotton swabs that have their plastic face contaminate a lot, and they are not commonly talked about, but they have the same impact as the straws: you use less than a minute and end up in the trash. And while you use them to clean your ears, makeup residues do not have a preponderance in your routine, beyond removing minimal imperfections. If you can, do not use them, but if they are essential, opt for wooden ones, so that it is easier to handle once you have discarded them.


Some make-up removers can contain chemicals that pollute the water a lot when you remove makeup and wash your face at night. For that reason, better opt for creams or gel so that you simply remove them with a towel and that's it. If you wear makeup that is difficult to remove, opt for natural ingredients, such as coconut oil (and only a few amounts, so that your skin is not so greasy ).


We are in the XXI Century, and modernity has turned in favor of the environment, with the creation of make-up removing towels. These cloth towels promise to remove make-up, and not only what you wear on the face, but also everything waterproof (mask, indelible lipsticks, etc.). This way, you do not use cotton and you do not produce garbage. You can find these products in many self-service stores and on the Internet. There are no excuses!


Disposable wipes also turn into garbage quickly. They are a fast and incredible way of removing make-up, but try not to be your daily method, or at least try to responsibly buy some that are biodegradable.


To remove your makeup, it does not take great science. You can make your cotton balls with cloth, and then wash them after each use, so you do not produce so much garbage either. If you are too lazy to make your cotton pads (it's worth), yes, you can also get them on the Internet. So that everything is hygienic, wash the wipes with neutral soap after each use, and then wash them perfectly when you consider it necessary.


If you have decided to use your usual desma, Squillante, do not use so much. Unless you've gone to a gala worthy of using all your makeup arsenal, removing your daily makeup should not take more than a few milliliters of the product. This is important because when you finish it, it's a plastic bottle in the trash. Let's try to make you last much longer.


Makeup tips to see you 10 years younger

Is it possible to look 10 years younger with makeup? The answer is yes and here we tell you the tips you need to get it.

If you are one of those who are always looking for new beauty tricks to look younger, you have come to the right place! Right now we list the best makeup tips to see you with 10 years less, ranging from the preparation of the skin to the fixing of the products. Take note!

1. Do not forget the first

The pre based is a must when you want to show off your makeup with young skin, since they hide the pores, smooth the complexion and improve the appearance instantly. You should only choose a moisturizing product if your skin is dry, or a satisfying one if your complexion is oily.

2. Light base

It is infallible that you opt for a soft (but covering) base, that only helps you to unify the facial tone. We recommend using cc creams because they provide high coverage and are formulated with an anti-aging treatment.

TIP G: Combine your base with a booster that provides brightness, to enhance the natural shine of the complexion and boast a glow from the inside, all day!

3. Beware of the concealer

Yes, it is essential to place it to cover the spots that make us look older, but the key to success with it is in the presentation and application tools! Look for concealers -preferably in cream- that provide hydration and then place them in the areas you want to correct or illuminate. Finally, blot with a sponge so that the faded finish does not add age.

4. Goodbye to smokey eyes

The smoky eyes in intense colors (and even the looks with shimmer) are not a good choice to rejuvenate the face, on the contrary! Ideally, replace dark pigments with neutral shades without much saturation, and lean on tiny dots of light in the brow bone to raise your gaze.

5. Renew your outline

Looking 10 years younger requires some tricks in your outline. The principal is to let go of the cat eye dramatic and you elaborate one eyeliner of crescent. This goes on the entire line of the eyelashes and is the perfect combo if you combine it with an inner liner in nude color since it enlarges the eyes. Less is more!

6. Frame eyebrows and eyelashes

The lack of hair in eyebrows and eyelashes is an aspect that reveals age. This is because, with the passing years, the hair follicles are losing strength and end up causing them to fall, you already did you know? For this reason, it is important to define the eyebrows naturally with a gel or ointment, and apply a good volumizing mascara, always!

7. Balm + lipstick cream, your best choice!

Achieving soft and plump lips are one of the biggest secrets to remove a couple of years. To achieve this, it is enough to slip one lip balm, define the contour of the mouth and paint the inside with lipstick in cream. You can also use products with filler effects such as glosses plumper, which increases the volume and smoothes the lines.

8. Bye bye, compact powder!

The compact powder is a cosmetic that often accentuates the wrinkles on the face and makes the skin look tight, which is a powerful enemy for your age. Avoid it at all costs and replace the compact products with the loose ones and use them to seal your cream makeup. The result? A less heavy and more jovial finish.


The 5 coolest ways to wear a pink lipstick

The pink lipstick is declared as the tone of the season and these are the top ways to wear it. Take a risk with your favorite!

All parades and trends in social networks point to the pink lipstick is a must for spring-summer 2019 but take a form striking and unique, can represent a whole challenge!

That is why we have immersed ourselves in the search for the best summery looks to show off (and that you do not have to invest too much time in it) and this is what we found. You are welcome!

1. Color combo

It's about playing with the shadows to achieve a mix on point with the pink of the lips. What colors are the best? The shades that go well are orange, yellow, purple and blue, plus you can level up the beauty look with contrasting enamel.

2. Double tone

Simply paint the lower lip of lipstick pink and top, a colored similar in the wheel color, such as red, the vermilion or coral. To apply the product in the mouth, it is best to do it with a small brush, to obtain a clean and defined edge.

3. Monochromatic

All you have to do is apply the base and begin to color eyes, cheeks, and lips in one color: pink. Here the important thing is that you have fun with the textures to get a unique style, as in the next photo that boasts a dewy skin, semi-mat cheeks and eyes, and lips in pink glossy.

4. Lips bit

You will be fascinated by the result, it makes your mouth more kissable, attractive and with a touch of color without intention. The star product that you can use to recreate this look is the inks since they can be easily blurred leaving a very natural finish.

5. Makeup no makeup

If you're not used to wearing a lot of color on your face, this is your alternative! The heart of the look will be intense lips of pink, accompanied with skin improved to 100% with base, color correction, and soft lighting to show off a French as naturel.

This is the outline that makes your eyes bigger (effortless)

There is a way in which you can make eyes much bigger with a secret, very easy! Why, even if we know, the eyes are the window to the soul, we want everyone to notice the depth of them!

How to make your eyes look bigger? With a delineated on the inside of the eye in nude color (yes, you read well). This tone of the offender is unusual, but it is highly functional. Its main feature is that it helps to whiten the eye and give an amplitude effect, so it looks much bigger.

This delineated nude has been used by celebrities in red carpets, hogging all eyes in the eye area. Margot Robbie is a great example of how this delineated makes your eyes look more size!

Also, Elizabeth Olsen has joined this trend and it seems that sons eyes are a whole wrist.

The best? It looks just as perfect with light-haired women like brunettes. If you do not believe us, see what this beauty trick looks like in Lilly Collins.

Now that you know it, it's time to apply this great beauty secret and start conquering your crush with looks.


Doing push-ups every day can tone your arms?

Whether you visit the gym several times a week or you strive to build a strong body working at home, the lizards are an ideal exercise to include in your training routine. This bodyweight exercise does not target your arms but can tone your muscles and several other muscles in your body. Performing the exercise daily does not allow enough recovery time for your muscles.

Lizards to strengthen

The lizards focus on the larger pectoral muscles located in your chest and are an effective way to build strong pectorals without the use of weight. They also require the participation of other muscles, including the biceps and triceps, found in the front and behind, respectively of the upper part of your arms. So doing this exercise can tone and strengthen your arms over time. The exact length of time before you see signs of muscle development depends on how often you perform lizards and the length and intensity of training.

Daily is too much

It's easy to think that performing push-ups daily will lead to faster muscle growth, but the American Council on Exercise (ACE) warns against too frequent strength training. For your muscles to show the rewards of exercise, they must have time to recover between workouts. ACE recommends at least two strength-training sessions each week and takes two days of recovery time between workouts. Your strength training should not include only push-ups, it always strengthens each muscle group.

Be careful with the overtraining

Since it is not ideal to perform lizards daily, adapt your training to be as beneficial as possible. ACE suggests eight to 12 repetitions of an exercise in which you work your muscles until fatigue. Instead of trying to increase your repetitions, focus on using an appropriate form. To perform this exercise correctly, lie flat on the floor, flex your arms and press the palms of your hands against the floor next to your shoulders. Squeeze the muscles of your center and stretch your arms until your weight is in your hands and toes. Slowly flex your arms to lower your chest to the floor to complete your first repetition. Repeat the exercise for three sets of 10 repetitions. The pain of joints and muscles are signs that you are overtraining yourself.

To test a higher level

If you begin to notice that the lizards do not represent the same challenge that they were before, it is easy to increase the resistance of the exercise to strengthen your muscles more. Challenging variations include lizards with weight, during which you place a dumbbell on your back and lizards in decline by placing your feet elevated on a bench. Variations allow you to maximize each repetition instead of performing more repetitions of standard lizards. Eventually, you can construct challenging plyometric variations such as lizards with applause.


Wear perfect teeth like the famous ones with dental veneers

The smile is the letter of presentation of the people and an important point to reinforce the self-esteem. However, bad hygiene habits,  poor diet, and genetics do not provide a perfect smile for everyone, but this still has a solution. Have you ever imagined having the smile of your favorite actress? This can be achieved.

Currently, there are various aesthetic dental methods to show off a  beautiful smile like our movie stars. Today we explain everything you need to know about dental veneers. Kubitz Loayza, periodontist and medical director of the Eurodent Clinic explains that ceramic dental veneers offer a natural appearance. of high strength and durability.


According to Loayza, there are two types of dental veneers. One is a process of treatment can last one hour, this with the CAD / CAM system , which allows the design and elaboration of dental pieces by computer through a digital three-dimensional scanner of the mouth, where the patient participates actively in the process to choose the size, shape, and color, giving it a longer duration in the restoration of the tooth that serves as support, achieving in turn results according to the aesthetic needs of each patient.

While in the traditional process the placement of veneers can be done in a period of 3 appointments more. The restoration of a tooth in a single appointment is the most common. The color will depend on the natural tone of the original teeth.

Types of veneers

There are 2 types: composite and porcelain.

1. Composite. Made with acrylic resin with ceramic. This gives it a high resistance. They are placed directly on the tooth. The dentist molds the desired shape and size. Then it hardens using ultraviolet light. It does not take much previous preparation, but the filing of the dental enamel. They are cheaper than porcelain and are easy to repair in case of fracture. It lasts from 5 to 10 years and its color varies with time.

2. Porcelain It is a glass ceramic. It has a very close appearance to the tooth enamel itself. Its processing is slower since it requires measurements of the teeth. A custom design is made to put the adhesive at the end. With good care, it can last between 10 and 15 years. It does not usually vary in color over time. It has a higher cost than ceramic. In the case of breakage, there is no possibility of repair, but it will be necessary to replace the veneer.

For Miguel Cabanillas, a specialist in prostheses and implants of the Latin American Institute of Research and Dental Ensino (ILAPEO) of Brazil, he explains that the care of the veneers implies:

1. Avoid, as far as possible, drinks and meals with coloring especially if their veneers are composite.

2. Avoid smoking.

3. Avoid hard or even sticky foods because the veneers may peel or break.

4. Do not use your teeth as a tool. Some people use their teeth to open bottle caps, this should be avoided outright.

5. Use of mouth guards in the event of a contact sport such as football, basketball, rugby, boxing, among others.